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by DrHP
Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:11 pm
Forum: Ford
Topic: A9P help please!
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A9P help please!

I'm new to this tuning format, have alot of years with GM MEFI systems, but nothing on the Ford EECIV. I have a 5.0L MAF 89 MPI system with QH, I can get the bin loaded, the xdf loaded, but am having probs with the adx - datastream read out (dash board). No RPM, TPS, spark advance etc. The MAF value...
by DrHP
Wed Oct 22, 2014 1:33 pm
Forum: TunerPro Discussion
Topic: Probs with display of data, ? ADX file wrong
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Probs with display of data, ? ADX file wrong

Beginner with QH connected to A9P/GUF1 Ford ecu. I can connect the emulator and DA no prob, but my complaint/prob is that within the dash/monitor there is no RPM indicated along with phony looking TPS values. I'm using GUFB_56k.adx, do I need to convert the 56k to 64k via the stacker tool? Is this t...