Can't get autoprom working

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Can't get autoprom working

Post by hugger70camaro » Thu Jun 25, 2009 6:50 am

Just got the software to tune my tpi off of a 88 Firebird. Got the Auto Prom hardware. Downloaded the xdf file and installed it. Car will not start with the hardware running. I uploaded the file to the autoprom. I turned on the emulation. Screen at bottom shows that it is emulating, but car will not start. I started to look at the definition that is on the website for this app. The numbers were messed up on a bunch of stuff. I changed all of the numbers so that they were matching similiar vehicles or working fine. I did turn off the vats function in the definition also. Is there a certain bin that I need to use. I have been trying with the arap bin. Please help. By the way the SES light does illuminate and the car will start and run fine with the original chip replaced.

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Post by Mangus » Sat Jun 27, 2009 10:37 am

For your 88, you should be using the $32B definition.

- Make sure the bin that you're starting with is valid. Download one from the various locations on the Web - make sure you're getting a $32B bin, and that it matches your transmission configuration.

- Make sure you don't have a chip in the ZIF socket of the AutoProm when trying to emulate

- After uploading the bin to the AutoProm, do a verification and make sure it matches.

If you continue having issues, please send me the bin and XDF you're using (you have my email address).

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