TunerPro RT won't connect to QH

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TunerPro RT won't connect to QH

Post by nanserbe » Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:11 am

Tunerpro RT will write tunes to my QH (v1.6) "successfully", but verification fails, and when I hit Acquire Data (the double blue arrow button), nothing happens and nothing shows under the data dash.

Could it be a bad QH? I'm using the cable that came with the QH with the magnets on it.

Anything to try?

Tried restarting Tunerpro and immediately trying to upload/verify, still says failed.

Tunerpro will recognize that there is a QH hooked up, when I hit the "initialize emulation hardware" button it shows "Quarterhorse 1.6.Q" in the bottom.

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