TunerProRT Linux Wine no registration possible/ no Install

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TunerProRT Linux Wine no registration possible/ no Install

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Hello it's been a while since i used TP. I recently migrated from Windows to Linux Mint 18.3 (best decision ever!) and started to install all my software or tried to find alternatives under Linux.
Long story short: TP DOES NOT INSTALL in v5.00.9130 under wine (v1.6.2). It has something to do with vcredist.exe.
I have an old version (v5.00.8853) which installs fine and works but
I would try to install different versions but they are unavailable. Please give me a download link to v5.00.9107 (VS2015) and v5.00.9088 (VS??).
Also i want to fix the registration issue somehow.
best regards, Robert

UPDATE: I just updated to wine 3.0 and now the registration works.
UPDATE2: With wine 3.0 the installation of v5.00.9130 including registration works.
I just have to check the communication with my eprom emulator.

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