Iscsi dropping after DSM 6.0

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Iscsi dropping after DSM 6.0

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This is used as our SAN via iscsi for our 2 host vmware cluster. it has always worked reliably (albeit slow) since day 1. last week i went to DSM 6 without issue. yesterday both my LUN's dropped from the vmware host. when i attempted to reboot the rs3614xs+ i got the forever blinking blue light. i have to raids, a 2 drive radi1 and a 10 drive raid5. the raid5 array seems to drop first. they've dropped so much i've had to restore form backups (veeam) but they won't stay up unless there is zero activity. prior to the upgrade i could reboot the synology box via the admin interface. now despite whether i select power off, or restart it just hangs and the blue light blinks. admin interface is unresponsive (ping still works to it) until i hard boot it. this has a 10GB dual port NIC in it, but it is has been there since i bought it. i opened a case with synology but no response. both volumes are ext4. any advice?

Please help.

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