M50B28 !!!!

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M50B28 !!!!

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hi forum !!
as you can see im working on M50M28 stroker engine !!
for the moment im runing stock M50B25 non vanos engine with a litle bit lighter solid mass flywheel ( all the clutch system is a little bit lighter than stock) and a M3 320z ZF gearbox
for the next build i got :
- M52B28 rotary assembly ( crank , pistons and rods ) + the alloy block but i will use the m50 iron one
- M50B25 intike camshaft to run it as exhaust one , so i will have both 240° of duration
- for the exhaust manifold i will use m52 one because its stainless steel and better than the old cast iron one
until here everything is ok , now the tuning part :
since we dont have dyno where i live and i cant order an emulator , i need some advice on tuning this , i have eprom burner and everthing to make new tune !!! and when i mean tune i mean the ignition and the fuel
choices i have
1- stock b25 tune ( fuel and ignition )
2- ignition like b28 ( since they are similar ) without touching the fuel
3- try to advance igniton ( how much degree do you think ?? ) , add some fuel
and i will be running pump fuel ( 95-98 octane)
i know this is not the correct way but i dont have any other options

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