Bosch Motronic 8-bit axis values

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Bosch Motronic 8-bit axis values

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Hello. I have been searching some old posts, and find this topic mentioned back several years ago, and then it looked like it should be worked on. However, I can not find in latest Tunerpro that it is possible to add axis values in correct way. As those who are working with this old ecu's will know, axis are expressed as "eprom subtract". Am I missing something, or is it not possible to express those values in correct way.

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Re: Bosch Motronic 8-bit axis values

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You need to make reference to axis in another xdf parameter with "Browse..." button.

In this xdf parameter, with axis address, you can edit cell conversion.

Start cell equation with CELL(ROW();COL() + 1;FALSE) - THIS()*.05 (for each column) and end with (256 - x) * .05 (only last column) for load.

CELL(ROW()+1;COL();FALSE) - (THIS() * 40) (for each row) and (256 - THIS()) * 40 for rpm

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