Opel C20xe

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Opel C20xe

Post by grozni » Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:39 pm


Can someone please make xdf for this ECU?

Bosch number: 0261200185

Here is bin file:

https://mega.nz/#!5RUmmYJa!OyXCyczp6w8s ... -g2ZkfeSkM

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Post by olafu » Mon Sep 03, 2018 11:21 am

Lookup table seems to be found at 0x6400, no offset, MSB first, so first table founds at 0x673E, next 0x6744 and so on...

Biggest tables are: (Header start address, descriptors, axis size and table data start address)

687C 3A x 42 16x4 6894
68D4 3A x 42 12x12 68F0
6A92 3A x 42 12x12 6AAE
6D2E 3A x 42 12x12 6D4A
6DDA 3A x 42 12x12 6DF6
6F66 3A x 36 12x7 6F7D
7013 3A x 42 12x12 702F
70BF 3A x 42 12x12 70DB
71BD 3A x 42 12x12 71D9
7269 3A x 42 12x12 7285

I think 3A = RPM and 42 = Load.

No idea what those tables are, but i think some of those are main ignition and fuel tables. You must check.

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Post by biela » Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:16 pm

For example:

6894 - Fuel WOT
68F0 - Fuel PT
6D4A - Ignition PT
6E98 - Ignition WOT
6F7D - Dwell angle

You can search for similar maps.

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