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Tuned file for stock M50B25TU with red label 413 dme

Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 9:16 am
by e36_agd

Is anybody kind enough to send me a bin ready to copy to my ecu, That would be so much appreciated.

I have searched all over the forum with no success.

I just want some power gains, and some flames here and there, I don't know if the ecu is capable of launch control / 2 step rev limiter, If it is, that would be awesome too.

I have an 94' e36 325i M50 Vanos with red label 413 ecu 623 chip. Things done to the car is a Gen2 57i K&N intake and a Full custom stainless steel Exhaust.

Here is my email:

I would be so happy if anyone can send me a file.

btw I have a programer and a free eeprom.