FIAT COUPE IAW 4Q4 P8 immo and checksum

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FIAT COUPE IAW 4Q4 P8 immo and checksum

Post by midnight_man » Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:30 am

guys anybody know how to do immo off and checksum controll off? or calculate checksum?

winols is not calculating checksum correctly :(

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Post by Turbochris » Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:36 pm

Has been a long time,
but as far as I remember there are two ways: Use the software of the non Immo version or give it the right input on the specific pin with a relais that is activated by ignition on.
The checksum is no problem, as it will only leave the check engine light on for 20 seconds instead of 5. Maybe read some old posts here, there might be one where I explained it a few years ago.

The newer software is more complicated, there is even one version that disables the boost control if no lambda probe is present. The P8 was used interchangeable with the Alfa 155, the Fiat coupe 16V t, the Lancia Delta II HF turbo and the Lancia Delta I Integrale 16V EVO 16V with catalityc converter. There are some P8 units that take any software from this range and some refuse to work with certain types, but this is not Immo related. There is no "better" software when it comes to driving or tuning, but the maps are at different adresses. So no TP file that fits all. Try to get as many files as you can and take the one you get allong with best.
Iam really sorry I cant help you more, I lost my laptop that contained anything TP and Weber ECU related.


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