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Hi mates, i have bought this ECU:
https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source= ... lMqfUgF5RN
And i would like to modify the fuel maps. I have tried with tunerpro and all XDF od IAW16 and P8 that i have found, bit i dont have any god result. Would you help me?

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Re: 996-SPS XDF

Post by Jakepeewee »

Hi Susurros,

First of all: you didn't buy an ECU, you bought an eprom. Am I correct?
The ECU is the injection computer in your bike in which there's an eprom containing the EFI program and data.

And your bike is a ducati 996SPS with a P8 ECU?

With tunerpro and the right XDF file you can read the data on bin file stored on the eprom. The XDF file tells tunerpro where what on the eprom is stored, like the injection maps, the ignition maps, rpm limiter etc.

Don't know about the Ducati performance eprom. Could be that the layout of the data on the eprom is different than that of the OEM ducati P8 eproms. The XDF for the P8 works for most OEM Ducati P8 eproms, is my experience.

Can you be a bit more specific about what doesn't seem to work? What XDF did you use?


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