Marelli P7 & P8 EPROM

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Marelli P7 & P8 EPROM

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I'm new here... Recently i've done a (parcial) engine-rebuild of my '92 Ducati 851 and need a customized EPROM for it to run properly without overheating so fast. Due to the unique enginespec (partial 851 & 888CORSA) i somehow need to combine several mappings of a M27C64, M27C128 and M27C256 EPROM in order to create a proper BIN-file. The esignated Magneti Marelli ECU's used are IAW043(P7) and IAW435(P8) but are there any .ecu or .xdf files available for these old ECU's that will work with TunerPro:?:

Thanks in advance!!

851 greatings, Peter :D
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P8/7 xdfs

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Greetings! A bit late to reply but hopefully will help other people out.
I found P8/7 xdfs on the guzzidiag site. The p8 seems correct except the fuel/air/temp trims are missing. Fuel and ignition maps are fine so you can tune away! The p7 xdf did not work for me, so may need help. They can be found at the bottom of this webpage.

If someone can add/improve on these, making them more Ducati specific, I and the community would be grateful! It is becoming more rare to find someone who tunes these older bike so we must find ways to do it ourselves!


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