Tunerpro showing all zeros

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Tunerpro showing all zeros

Post by Chinogaston »

Good day to everyone..

Im trying to learn how to tune Ducatis using Tunerpro and have succeeded in downloading a bin file from my 59M ECU used in my 2001 Ducati S4. Ive also downloaded the xdf file from Guzzidiag to use with my bin.

When I load the files in Tunerpro however..all the values in the tables are zeros.

What am I doing wrong?

Many Thanks

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Post by dex »

Have you opened the bin file in a hex editor program to check whether it is a valid read?

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Post by FreQRiDeR »

Check the xdf offset in header is correct. Also look at the bin in 2D/3D window to make sure the table addresses are correct. I've had to change these from the guzzi xdfs as the ducatis are a little different.

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