Data Aquisition???

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Data Aquisition???

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Has anyone sucessfully done DA with their Ducatis on TunerPro? Is it even possible? Does TPro talk through kkl 4.09 (p8-p7-etc) I heard some of the fiat/cosworth guys have done it with p8 ? I'd love to build a dash!

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Re: Data Aquisition???

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I know this is old, but I just found this forum.

I use ScanST 320 which logs engine parameters and AFR via a WBO2 sensor.
I know it works with the 15M, 59M and 5AM. It lists the 16M, P7 and P8.

People send me their logged data and I run it through an Excel analysis workbook I developed to isolate the base map and offset depending on which cylinder.
It then calculates a new map depending on what data is available.
Richard Collins - 2001 900SSie

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