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Beginner 750 ss ie

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 9:48 pm
by Filsurs
Hi there,
I am a newbee who can connect a PC to my ecu. Also I am able to open the tunerpro program and I have my. bin file. 8)
When I look at the TP program I start to feel chaos in my head, some many data I don't understand! :?:

I've looked around for a simple tutorial but I always land on sites where wording like hex, hac, xdf 32x31 etc seems to be the code. For me it is like: I f you don't understand the code why do you want to annoy us all? " :D.
My bike is running a bit lean, holds a bit at open throttle, mechanical issue are dealt with so I want to look inside the ECU and smear things a bit. How do I get started, thxs guys :lol:

Re: Beginner 750 ss ie

Posted: Fri May 15, 2020 10:43 pm
by Punch
You need an XDF for your bike/ecu.
I have two for the 900SS variants, which I understand will work on the 750.
There are two types of 15M ECUs. The A0 which is usually 2000 and earlier. The A8 which is 2001 plus.
The version is shown on the back of the ECU so you will have to undo the four mounting screws to get it out and look.
From memory the battery needs to come out first.

You need your bin file which you can read with the 15m version of IAWDiag.
Once you open the correct XDF first then open your bin file you can click on Tables, then double click on Main fuel, which is the horizontal cylinder.
The vertical fuelling is an Offset from he Main fuel, so just plus or minus small values and often zero.
That will show you the values that are in there and you can modify them, then save the bin file with a new name.
Then you write it back to the ECU with 15M version of IAW Writer.

They are here. Donationware like Tunerpro, so please donate

I do not know how to attach files here, so sent me an email.

yellowducati at me dot com
Change the at to @ and the dot to . and I will send you he XDFs I have.
If you send me your bin file I can check if the XDF is correct for your ECU.
Also in your email tell me which country you are in. I am in Australia.


Re: Beginner 750 ss ie

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 12:51 am
by Filsurs
Will do Richard, thxs

Check your spam box also please