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Linux Support

Post by FluxCapacitor »

I have looked around. The crowd using linux based operating systems are kinda in the dark on many of the tuning tools. I don't really care about any of the other tuning tools but I am definitely interested in using this one as I plan on using an Ostrich to run speed density on my 91 eagle talon. I would love to use tuner pro on my Ubuntu (debian based) desktop computer. I absolutely despise windows and never want to move back to using it for any reason. If anyone could offer some words on this I'd greatly appreciate it. If I were a programmer I would be more than happy to help port the code, but alas, I am not. Take care people, and I'm glad to be a part of the community here. I love to learn.

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Post by Six_Shooter »

I'm going to have to look into these other OS's, especially Linux to see what all the fuss is about.

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Post by FluxCapacitor »

What I'm using is ubuntu. should get you everything you need. It's free, well updated... and very hackerish. It comes easy to use, but it's feature rich to the brim. I would LOVE to see some of the tuning tools move to unix based os's.

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Post by qsiguy »

Have you tried to load it using Wine? That method would be limited if it worked at all but it's worth a shot. I only have one Linux machine running right now and it's only running in command line mode due to the speed of the machine. I was planning on setting up another Linux machine shortly that would run X Windows so I can try some options when I get that up and running.

I'm running Slackware on my current linux machine and will be installing that on the new machine as well.

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Post by Mangus »

It works in Wine. I won't be porting it to any other OSs. I tend to "hang out" where the people are. All four of you out there who have requested Linux support just don't quantify enough demand to justify the incredible amount of work. :) Sorry!

Wine will have to do, I guess.
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Post by bernhard »

are you still of the opinion with linux?
its much more stable than windows, and i read in the bug-sektion about much trouble with win10 for example. :wink:

I use windows only for gaming and some spezial programs (like TP) now.
many do like me.

linux and wine sometimes causes timingproblems, so I would welcome a linux-version, even I have to pay a new fee.

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Re: Linux Support

Post by pauldaytona »

As desktop linux has marketshare of 1 % there is no reason. Even Mac os x would be a more used option. But the tools where this is made in, are bound to Windows. Nothing unstable on windows 10.

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