Item Lists in Separate Window

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Item Lists in Separate Window

Post by dfddfd2 »

I would love for the Item List data and the Monitors to be in separate windows, so they can be seen at the same time.


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Post by daveinet »

Actually to be able to break out all the tabs to separate windows would be nice. Some things are nicer to see graphically, some are nicer to see in text form, some better in tables. The is another program that allows you to see the BLM table, the item list and the monitor all at the same time.
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Post by RainMan »

Added this thread here ... My impression is this is essential for good tuning results.
I miss this very often to have a concurrent view of Dash / Monitor / History when replaying a log ...

Can this be programmed and implemented? Megalog viewer has is, it's a basic layout of Megalog and it's perfect when whatching Lambda on the monitor and comparing in sametime on History which cells are involved.
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