Copying & Pasting axis values into History Tables in ADX

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Copying & Pasting axis values into History Tables in ADX

Post by yoda69 »

I've found I can't copy the entire row or column values in the x or y axis of and ADX History Table if I want to create a new table with the same axis but differnt Z I need to type them all in again.
Would nice to be able to copy and paste entire tables and the just change name and axis to be used.
Interestingly I could copy values from Excel and paste for the X-axis, but would not work when I tried with the Y-Axis.

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Post by JP86SS »

I've done this by creating a generic history table, then save.
Open the ADX in a text editor (non formatting type like notepad) and copying and pasting the definition of the one I want to copy over the generic one that was just created.
Be careful of the syntax and keep the generic name and ID code.
then save and reopen in TP to do final editing of the axis.
Of course make a copy of the original file first in case it crashes on you.

Manual editing is not supported but can be handy once you get used to the formatting of the file.

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