Missing feature or bug? Some ideas...

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Missing feature or bug? Some ideas...

Post by Daniel_F. »

Hello guys,

i´d like to take the chance to thank Mangus for building that amazing software, i really enjoy building a xdf with it.

As i´m building a xdf right now, i ran into some "flaws" which i don´t really understand, to be honest. Maybe its a matter of being something which needs to be like it is or maybe it could even be tweaked, lets see.

Number 1, which i actually missed in the first place is, i can give each axis of a map a useful description (very nice!), but sadly its only used in 3D viewing mode. I think it would be some kind of nice feature to have the axis description even in 2d table view, as that is the most used view of many people.

Number 2, and even more strange, i can set limits in scalars (very nice!), but they aren´t used. I thought i type in a limitation of e.g. 0 and 1 and the slider under the scalar value has the lower limit of 0 and the higher limit of 1? Wouldn´t that make much more sense?

Number 3, could those limits be used to even limit value entries in dual-axis maps? Lets say we deal with injection time (ms) being calculated airflow vs. engine speed and i know the limit from damos says 20ms. I´d set the lower limit to 0 and the upper limit to 20 to prevent anyone from using uncorrect values.

Is that something useful and could this be done?

Kind regards and thanks again for building that software :)

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