Patch base data idea

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Patch base data idea

Post by robertisaar »

so, I don't know how many other people are using tunerpro to write patches, but something that has come to mind while writing many-hundred byte patches that would speed things up a bit would be a button in the Patch Entry Editor that would grab a string of base data of the same length as the patch data from a BIN(current BIN even). at least then, you would only end up entering in half the amount of data.

if not that, at least an indicator of how many bytes are in the base data field the way that the patch data field has?

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Post by Mangus »

Yeah, I've got work to do on the Patch stuff. Honestly, I wasn't even sure that people were using it. I'll put some thought into improving the current experience.
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Post by hassmaschine »

I use the patch feature a lot. It's great for when you have a configuration that requires multiple variables be set to specific values. For example, if you want to delete all Cat functions, you might alter cat heating maps, O2 voltage curves, several constants (on/off), a few error codes, etc. Rather than going to each setting one at a time and changing them, I'll use a patch that does it all at once.

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Re: Patch base data idea

Post by ModchipMan »

I use Patch as well, the only thing the operations drop down only has overwrite, i need to subtract..?
thanks for your time..

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