Hard coded 300 category limit causes issues. Expand limit?

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Hard coded 300 category limit causes issues. Expand limit?

Post by hassmaschine » Fri Jul 24, 2015 8:20 am

I've been working on generating an XDF for a newer BMW computer. I've got it pretty well nailed down except a BIG issue.

Currently, TunerPro can only handle 300 categories. The way this ECU is broken down there are about 1,200 functions and 9,000 maps/curves/constants. The best way to organize all the maps etc. is by "function", which is equivalent to a TunerPro category.

However, hen you go past the 300 category limit, any maps etc. set to those categories loop around to the beginning. This of course makes a mess of the file.

Right now my only real option is to break it up into multiple XDFs, but that is a bit of a pain. I'll have to figure out exactly where the breaks between functions/subfunctions are so I don't surpass the 300 limit in any given XDF.

It would be really great if the hard coded limit was significantly higher - even if more than 300 weren't selectable in the drop down boxes, if it could at least internally read them correctly I could do everything with 1 file.

Other than that it doesn't seem to mind having 9,000 defined characteristics! :)

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