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Documentation improvement proposal

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As a new user I was thinking about the dip positions for two dip switches work in the Ostrich 2.0.

Supported Targets � 24, 28, 32 pin 8 bit ROMs -some text could be added:

... There are 2 pcs selectable 2 position dip switches on the other shorter side of the small Ostrich emulator. Find those switches that you can see them in front of you on on right and one on left side.

Usage of dips is by selecting switch positions - position marked here with (x):
See the s m a l l picture text on sticker on top of ostrich 2 !!!
24< >28/32 32< >28
left switch right switch - and both have 2 positions:

Setting x means that in wich "corner" the dip is positioned for following examples:

24 pin
xL RR - RR unclear, I read that both RR positions are ok ??

28 pin like example 27C256 eprom
Lx Rx

Lx xR

I used the magnifying glass to read the sticker but in www I was unable to find some more guidance.

Same with XP/WIN 7 USB serial port (COM) advanced settings.
In installation instructions there is just hint to put latency to 1ms for SPEED, but no mention of what BAUD setting is recommneded. BUT on Ostrich 2.0 product page:

" The Ostrich 2.0 connects to the host computer with a baud rate of 921,600bps, which is the fastest bit rate supported by standard RS-232 "

Does that mean that the default value in installation must be replaced to 921,600 in advanced driver port settings ? Or is it trial error to find a speed that still works reliably ? If yes that would also be nice to read that in trouble shooting pages as hint for speed if the marketing message and speed claim is to be trusted.

I have not yet tested the setup with ECU, but so far seems promising and TunerPro RT finds the Ostrich 2.0 via host machine USB cable from guest XP virtual machine installation (light XP on top of oracle VBOX) on top of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS host machine ( i5 laptop).

My next comment is that does Ostrich 2.0 have enough real time trace emulation speed for EPROM over USB connection to monitoor smoothly one or more emulated ECU tables that needs some editing while driving and how much Ostrich 2.0 eats PC performance during that emulation. It must have I hope !

Then comes usability and speed of editing during emulation in the tables and shooting updates to emulator/ECU. Probably then some more comments.

Big thanks to Mangus for the great TunerPro SW package.

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I guess that is it not a bad idea to be implemented!Thanks a lot for the shared post!

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