Realtime tuning OEM ECU - how to handle power cycle

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Realtime tuning OEM ECU - how to handle power cycle

Post by jcsbanks » Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:25 am

I am writing a TunerPro RT emulation plug in to allow realtime tuning of Bosch MEDC17. It works with a bench ECU for writing changes, checksum, switching maps.

I am looking for ideas on how to implement the situation where there is a key off event as the volatile RAM contents are lost and so far I have not planned to store then to EEPROM.

The comms are not fast enough to read or write the whole 512KB calibration area to sync it, so I wondered about the following:
  • After key on, to start realtime tuning, select a base file in the plug in config settings and run checksums on the file and ECU to confirm the files match. This is very fast.

    Make and test changes in realtime.

    After a key cycle, the changes revert to what was flashed. The changes can be committed by saving the working file in TunerPro RT and flashing it.

    Or the changes can be sent again to emulation RAM because a difference can be calculated between the original base file and the working version. Sending just the changes will be a lot quicker than sending 512KB.
Any thoughts or better ideas on this workflow appreciated.

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