How to use Other XDF Item output in conversion editor

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How to use Other XDF Item output in conversion editor

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I'm looking for some help with the conversion editor.

The TunerPro help doc states:

"Other XDF Item Output - You can use this argument type to use the output of another XDF Item (another constant or a cell in a different table). This is useful if, for instance, your ECM uses a table bias. You can define a constant in the XDF to represent the table bias. You can then set your table up to add/subtract the bias constant from the table cell's calculated value. If you reference a table item, you must specify the row and column of the cell which you'd like to reference. You cannot reference flags/bits. Press "Choose Reference Object" to select the object to be referenced."

How do you actually specify the row and column of the cell to reference?

For example, say I have two 2D tables of identical length, and want to multiply the individual cells of each table together for the conversion. The conversion for one of the tables would be just X (this items raw data), and for the other:

in the conversion editor, I setup X * Y, where X is (this items raw data) and Y is (other XDF item output).

How can I reference cell 1 of the other XDF output? I tried X * Y(1;1) and X * Y [1,1] and all sorts of combinations. What am I missing?

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Post by pauldaytona »

you have to reference the other table with it's unique id. like:


where 9464 is the other table unique ID

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