How do I open a .bin file in TunerPro

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How do I open a .bin file in TunerPro

Post by chiphaby »

I downloaded a tune from my Moates J3 chip with a Jaybird. I have the .bin file saved. The tune is for an A9P. I have TunerPro RT - (xxx.bin) - XDF File GUF1.xdf - Decipha EEC IV_QH20171109.adx software at the top of the screen. When I try and open the bin, it's all zeros. If I use the ADF GUBX (for the A9L) it opens with numbers all over the place, like the MAF transfer makes no sense. What am I doing wrong that I can't read my bin ?

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Post by anoldsman »

From my very limited experience it sounds like the .idx file that you are using is for a different application. I would recommend opening a known .bin and .idx file for that application so that everything makes sense.
Make meticulous notes on what all of the map locations are. If possible use WinOLS demo or TunerPro hex editor to see how the maps are numerically and graphically described. Then reopen your bin file and .idx to compare the data. You might have to "tweak" the locations or axis scalars. I hope that this helps.

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