ADS to ADX conversion problem

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ADS to ADX conversion problem

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New user so please be gentle.

I have an ADS file that I need to convert to ADX. I'm following the instruction on Craig Moates site ( and it progresses as listed right up to where you are instructed to open the "new" adx file and make sure the body length is "67".

When I reopen the newly created ADX file, I do not have the "transmit data reply" option under the "command" drop down list to even check the body length. I just get a "160 baud -no response" option, but it does have a body length block which says "0". Somehow, I don't think this is what I need to change.

Am I doing something wrong?

I can't help but think it's just my inexperience missing something here.....
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Re: ADS to ADX conversion problem

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'Transmit Data Reply' might be named differently in the definition you are trying to convert.
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