New member- Tunerpro versions?

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New member- Tunerpro versions?

Post by rhubarbray »

Hey all, I have a Ducati motorcycle that I need/want to tune to get rid of the stumble at low throttle openings. I've seen videos of others using Tunerpro with great success and much hard work. The video I saw mentioned he uses TunerPro RT. Now, I have only 1 bike that needs work so do I need TunerPro RT or can I use TunerPro? Are there any limitations or drawbacks of one over the other?


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Re: New member- Tunerpro versions?

Post by dex »

The main difference is that if you want to do real time tuning then you will need to use the RT version. Here is a summary of the additional features TunerPro RT has:

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