LT1 to 12200411 PCM conversion

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LT1 to 12200411 PCM conversion

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Hello everyone! I’m just another Gearhead
trying to learn tuning, and I’ve come along ways in the past year or better.
I just finished “re-pinning” my 1996 Trans Am WS6
LT1 for use with a 12200411 “LS” pcm, got it to fire for the first time last night, albeit roughly. I’m still trying to grasp the whole tuning thing, I used a 2001 Chevy Express Van 350 vortec tune, turned off all the emissions related stuff.
I have yet to remove the air pump/hoses and EGR valve and blank that as well as the pipe from the exhaust manifold.
I also added 24 lb. per hour injectors, I looked up the settings for grams per second, pulse width parameters,
Every parameter I could find the specifics for, I entered.
When I started the car, it barely wanted to run, I tried to
“Feather” the throttle, but it just died. It would start right up though. I’m guessing the IAC counts need some adjusting, but I know I am going to have to adjust fueling too.
It was suggested to me to “ turn off “ Long term Fuel trims, and try to slowly adjust my idle (the car is running pig rich) I just installed new plugs, and new 02 sensors.

if someone would be willing to look over my tune, and give me some suggestions to where I need to adjust things, at least to get this car drive-able, I can get it to a local tuner to define things later.
I’d appreciate any help or advice that you could provide!
Ben Smith

I tried to attach the bin file, but I’m sure the forum’s permissions aren't allowing me to attach the file, I can email to anyone willing to look it over.
Thank you!
Ben Smith
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