How do you download data from the ECU?

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How do you download data from the ECU?

Post by Killavolt »

I want to start learning some things about tuning and since there doesn't seem to be any bin or xdf files for my truck I was hoping it's something I'd be able to download myself from my ECU, not to mention I'd rather deal with the software that's specific for my truck instead of something put together from a truck that might have slightly different software to mine.

But I also can't seem to find any information about to actually get the bin file from my ECU, so I was hoping that somebody here might have the answers.
If I'm not mistaken I'd need an ELM327 interface cable....but beyond that, I don't really know what to do.

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Re: How do you download data from the ECU?

Post by Littlejoe »

Boy-o-boy... not a lot of answers on this forum but I will try to help....

Now remember that I am in the process of learning this myself and from videos of pete160s on YouTube but, I have tuned my corvette with hpt and Holley dominator.
I believe you need to download a program to read the even first I chose lsdroid because of pete160s but I believe pcmhammer will do the same, you also need an interface between the obd2 hookup under your dash to your laptop/tablet/phone with said program.

Check this page out and watch some vids from pete160s on YouTube sorry but that’s all I can say for now.

(Edit) just found some more info including .xdf .bin and setup instructions ... ng-Started

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