IAC showing 0 counts at warm idle?

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IAC showing 0 counts at warm idle?

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I have a 1992 Camaro (350 TPI, speed density) and trying to fix a rough, slightly surging idle. I've set the minimum air and TPS. I've also checked for vacuum leaks. However, after warming up the IAC motor keeps going down to 0 counts. It is my understanding that it should not go to 0, but stay around 10-20 counts at warm idle. Upon driving the IAC does open and close with the engine load, so I am thinking it is working right????

Currently I am just using tunerpro to monitor and troubleshoot and am not into tuning or burning chips.

Can anybody familiar with the speed density TPI camaro's please give me some advice on the IAC 0 count issue.

FYI - During my last session at warm idle, the BLM was 136-144 and MAP was ~36pKa. IAC was at 0 counts. Another thing I noticed was the O2 sensor reading was pretty steady while in open loop, but once closed, the value was rather eradic fluctuating from ~250-800mV. Is this normal?



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Does the engine idle at the RPM you are calling for?
Sounds like you need to close your TB blade a little.Too much air by the blade.
The o2 readings are correct.Your BLMs are adding fuel.I try to keep mine around 120-128.

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