Problems with XDF and Conversion

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Problems with XDF and Conversion

Post by DiLo » Sat Oct 22, 2016 5:05 am

Hi all ....
I´m using TurnerPro for quite a while and had no issues so far (which means, I always got results working for me).

Now I´m trying to develop a XDF for the "public". The ECU is a IAW 15M and a IAW 15RC, both used in Moto Guzzi´s and other brands.

The Moto Guzzi is a 2-Cylinder Motorbike. It has a 8-Bit 16x16 Base-Fuel-Map for one Cylinder and an 8-Bit 16x16 Offset-Map for the 2nd Cylinder. The Adresses are known, no Problem so far.

Now I´m trying to generate a table for the 2nd Cylinder, showing the actual amount of fuel. I Use two Arguments: FUEL and OFFSET

FUEL: "Other XDF Item Output", linked Item "15RC Fuel Map Base @ B1B5"
OFFSET: "This Item´s Raw Data"

Expression: FUEL+OFFSET-128

But, as soon as I use "FUEL" in my Expression, I get no Results in the Table (just blank cells).

Anybody got an Idea where I´m doing wrong?

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