newbie makeing g40 turbo

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newbie makeing g40 turbo

Post by lampik »

im new in tuning, looking for someone who will explain me how to.or will hel me to make corection to the existing map.

onboard devices:
ostrich 2.0
external programers
wbo2 2y2 rpm & lambda conected (do i need conect other signal imput ?)
xdf,bin onboard


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Post by Matrix »

Hi Matt,

Don here,

I would use the TechEdge adx file located here:

Scroll down to the wideband definitions.

I would then hook up your ECU map sensor as an input to the TechEdge wideband.

You will then have RPM, Boost and Lambda as inputs. Then create a History table in TunerPro ver 5 that has the same RPM and boost values as the main fuel table in your chip. You can then drive around and the table will populate. With your narrow band O2 sensor (original on your car) it will correct and your lambda values in the table should look pretty good. If you have major changes to the amount of boost etc, you are going to have to add fuel to the main fuel table and then disconnect the narrow band sensor while using your wideband sensor from the techedge unit. Using your ostrich unit (also connected to TunerPro ver 5) you can change the fuel table in the chip while running to ensure you are getting enough fuel. You are better to start off with too much fuel and slowly reduce to get you new fuel table correct. Too lean and you can melt pistons.

I am going to have more time to help you soon...


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