under what conditions does VE table effect AFR? $DA2

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under what conditions does VE table effect AFR? $DA2

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I was in the middle of a discussion, on another website, about when exactly VE table values affect fueling on a $DA2 speed density tune for 93 lt1 vette.

Some people stated VE table values only affect fueling under open loop operation.

Open loop would also include power enrichment operation as well (correct me if Im wrong by assuming that).....

However, I believe this to be false. I believe that VE table values also influence fueling (perhaps to a lesser degree, but still influence) under closed loop operation also.

It also is the starting point for BLM calculations (ie. if your VE table is off, your going to have more correction and be further away from 128)

The other person I was discussing this with states that in closed loop, the only input affecting fueling is the O2 sensors.

Who is right?

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Post by robertisaar »

the VE table is in use at ALL times except for maybe cranking, depending on the mask.

it's the primary airflow calculation, without it, there would be no basis upon which all other BPW calculations are based. if the ECM knows cylinder size and injector flowrate, but no idea of the mass of air in the cylinder, it can't accurately know how much fuel to inject.

with masks that run MAF only or MAF and VE, this is a different situation.

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Post by EagleMark »

Yup! Everything is calculation off main VE table including PE, AE, etc.

Tuning VE table correctly first usually fixes all other issues or at least give correct starting point for other calculations (adders/subtractors).
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