Erratic data and sending command

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Erratic data and sending command

Post by timbont »

Hi, can someone please save my car. I am a Toyota mechanic with a VT Commodore series 2, V6 auto which after removing the steering wheel I now have an airbag light staying on.
I purchased a ALDL cable and installed Tunerpro RT version 5 on my laptop and using DDRF.bin, VT V6 V1.92 %24A5K.xdf and 16233396 VT V6 $ converted to a ADX format. I also have VT Airbag Reset.adx but don’t know how to activate or send it.
My first problem is when connected and running the dashboard the data it is all over the place even without the engine running so I don’t know if it’s connected correctly. I have tried with new file body size of 67 with no change.
How do I find the error codes for the car and clear them?
I see the send command box but cannot add any info to it or load info as I want to send the command FA 56 0A A6 to hopefully reset the airbag light.
As said before I have the VT Airbag Reset.adx file but don’t know how to activate it.

I think the cable is OK as when I run Efilive V4 it runs OK.


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Post by yoda69 »

Edit the ADX and try and changing the echo settings, some need it on and some off. Also get latest ADX, xdf etc from , it's Aussie based with lots of experience with commodores.

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