XDF and ADS/ADX files for a 1988 305/350 TPI.

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XDF and ADS/ADX files for a 1988 305/350 TPI.

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What do I need. I am new to this type of engine in a custom car. The car is a 74 Jensen Healey. The TPI, engine and 700 R4 tranny setup came from an 88 Camaro.

Originally the engine was a 305. At some point the engine was changed to a crate 350 with the original TPI. The ECM may have been reprogrammed since the previous owner use to drag race the car. I removed the ECM and here's what I found.

ECM is apparently for a 305. Outside of the ECM box says GM/AC
D 88999194 LC21 490706298 GR 3 670 CG ESCM REMAN USA.

The ECM is 1227165.

The EPROM says AKFN 2178.

Removed the MEMCAL (?) and the chip is marked 1606930. Online info says chip should be a 16082177. Couldn't find any info on the 16069300.

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''88 uses the $32B defintiions. For data logging, you can use the 1227165_6E.ads/ADX. You can also upload and use a $6E tune and use the full 6E definitions, but you'll need to unplug the cold start injector when doing so.
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