reading current BIN from PCM??

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reading current BIN from PCM??

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Very new to this,
After a lot of mucking about I finally have the right drivers etc to connect with my home made USB/ALDL cable.

I can get real time data displayed on the "dashboard"

How EXACTLY do I manage to read the BIN that is currently on my PCM?
I want to compare it with the ANZA.bin I downloaded from a tunerpro link.

then how do I actually write a BIN back to the PCM from my PC?

If I edit the parameters in the paramater tree how do I get these edits writen to the PCM?

Commodore VR V6 1994 Ute Auto, PCM Service number 16176424 (I hope thats the number that makes sense),
ADX; VR_$11_v1.05-tp5.adx
XDF; 11.xdf
USB cable FTDI232 chip to 16pin ALDL.

:? thanks in advance

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