Software Won't Connect to 89 Cadillac

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Software Won't Connect to 89 Cadillac

Post by rustbukt307 »

Hey guys. I'm new to the program and have run into an issue. When I try to connect to my '89 Cadillac Brougham w/ LV2 5.0L engine I can never get TunerPro RT to establish a connection with the ECM for data streaming. I'm simply trying to check the vehicle's vitals, not modify anything. My cable is working, (my cable was bought here drivers installed, and I'm using a definition file I downloaded right from this site.

LV2/LG8 88-90
160 BAUD, PIN D, USE A 10K"

I had to import it and convert it to an ADX file, but I'm still not able to establish a connection. Am I using the wrong def file? What am I doing wrong?

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Post by donf »

Did you set the com port in the software? If you google "tuner pro com port" it will give you a few ideas. If you did set the com port try connecting with the engine off. My van would do this, then get messed up when I started it. Its some type of ground feedback problem. After checking and cleaning all grounds I went to a bluetooth cable and Its worked perfectly for about a year. John said the bluetooth adapter is grounded differently and has worked for others when having problems.

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