Nostrum Injectors for LNF platform

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Nostrum Injectors for LNF platform

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a few years back, nostrum made impressive K-DI injectors that the lnf platform can utilize(so to speak). they are a plug and play unit for the lnf platform, however there is a problem when tuning for them,

from nostrum energy themselves
-One problem we found last year, is that there is no ability to increase the drive current on the LNF platform. This is a big problem for our LNF high flow injector, and is the main reason we stopped build on that part number. Without being able to increase the drive current to accommodate the increased solenoid gap in our Nostrum injectors, there can be issues with opening speed at low load and also flow restriction at high pressure (high load) because of the increased hydraulic force acting on the back of the pintle at the higher pressure, which require us to drive a higher current with the big solenoid gap. This is not an issue with LHU and LTG, since HP Tuners has a great tool today for injector drive command. We are working on preparing HP Tuner files for LHU and LTG, and hope to add this to our website when we launch the sets / kits (with pumps) later this year. But for LNF, only the guys with stand-alone controllers would be able to run our high flow K-DI injectors, and we don't have many takers.

I came into this forum hoping to find the help needed to be able to run these injectors without having to resort to a standalone.

i have contacted hptuners about adding the injector drive command that is needed, but after months of back and forth, nothing came from it, and since the 3.5 update to hptuners, its possible to add parameters to Hptuners using TunerPro.

If anyone can help, i would greatly appreciate it!

*side note, if necessary, I will resort to port fueling*


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