Help me understand...

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Help me understand...

Post by kendawg73 »

Hi, I'm thinking of getting a QH for my '90 Mustang GT 5sp.
Here are the specs..
motor rebuilt and bored .030
reman GT40P heads, with Trick flow spring kit
Scorpion 1.6 roller rockers
3.73 gears
E303 cam
Early explorer upper and lower intake (with internal EGR which I'm going to use)
Acufab 65mm TB
new stock 94-95 mustang MAF (70mm)
stock air box with silencer removed with K&N filter
For Racing GT40p headers
ULP x-pipe with 2 cats
SLP loudmouth exchast, but with loadmouth 2 mufflers
Smog/airpump removed, along with TAB & TAD solenoids.

Ok so I'm gong to buy the Bosch reman injectors from, I figured I might as well get the 24lb since there only 10-15.00 more then the 19's, and I don't want to have to buy/change them again if the 19's will be close to maxing there duty cycle.

And now this is where the QH comes in... I want to get that to set the car up to use the 24's, and to turn the TAB & TAD off so not to store any codes, and to start learning this tuning stuff also... and to be able to monitor and see what the motor is doing...

So if I'm understanding this right.... I buy a QH, and then use this software, then I need to either pull the stock tune out of of the ECM, and then I can change the injector size, and turn the tab & tab off and then re-write it back to the ecm. so then I will basically be running a stock tune but with 24lb injectors instead of the 19's the ecm is setup for now?

Now the injectors LMR sells are Bosch type III EV1, so will the injector information be the same as the stock ford ones? (they used Bosch injectors right? these injectors look pink, if not where can I get the info needed for these injectors that needs to be entered into TunerPro RT?).

Next, I see in the downloads, there is a GUFX strategy file, I need this loaded as well right? along with my stock bin?
I also see there is a stock bin in the downloads(do I need this or just use the one from my ECM, would this one be newer?)
and I also see a A9L2 bin, what would be the difference in this?

sorry for all the ?, but I'm been trying to figure all this out be for I buy anything... and right now just want to get my car running (when I finish the motor install in a month or so) with the 24lb injectors and the smog pump stuff turned off. And later worry about getting the car tuned better.

And I bought a 94-95 MAF since from what I read, it's a direct swap onto foxbodys and used the same MAF tables, but is 70mm instead of the smaller foxbody one... so I wouldn't need to change anything in the tune for the MAF correct if i'm just wanted the injectors size changed?

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Re: Help me understand...

Post by decipha »

late but better than never

details on a9l2

and getting started

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Help me understand

Post by Debradot »

I will, but that will be in few days. The questions is what wrong did that to my engine? old JLT give lower air flow than the series 3, so with the old tune and the new series 3 the car is going lean, right? the PCM didt complaine at all for 3 days and then I get the trouble with err system lean in the same time.
but even I had the feeling that I lost power, where was the mistake in the pre loaded tune? do damage a phaser

Just need to understand the mistake I did to avoid this next time.
Thank you for beeing here for me

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