Trouble updating calibration in QuarterHorse.

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Trouble updating calibration in QuarterHorse.

Post by lsh3rd » Tue Jul 26, 2011 4:51 pm

I purchased and installed a QuarterHorse last spring and gave TunerPro RT V5 a try. The car is an ’86 Mustang with a 351W running stock ’93 Cobra electronics. The version of TunerPro is the very latest available in the download section.

At first, I had a bit of trouble with the XDF files and binaries commonly available. (You can see my post “GUFB Displacement Scalar”.) With Dex’s help, I managed to sort that out, determining that it was a XDF / binary incompatibility. I ended up using the files available on the Moates web site which are pre-configured for 56k bins. (I believe these xdfs may not be completely up to date, however.)

At first, I had tremendous trouble just getting the binary to work. I would turn the key on and the fuel pump would run endlessly, which I determined was a sign of improper flashing, so I didn’t even attempt to start the car. At some point I played with settings in TunerPro, flashed again, and finally the fuel pump behaved normally with key on. The car started and ran just as it did before. I was also able to setup data logging which works brilliantly. Presumably the QH is working as expected, so I installed the EEC back in the kick panel and routed the USB cable to the glove box. I changed the displacement scalar as originally intended, but it didn’t make a noticeable difference.

Fast forward a few months. I didn’t have time to play more until last weekend. I decided to try and make a change that would be obvious enough – that is set the “Rev Limit Set RPM” to 2000 RPM and stab the throttle and watch with amazement with the new rev limiter. It had no effect! I tried updating while emulating and also flashing the updated calibration. I suspect the problem I had before was never really solved, so I probably don’t really know how to reliably make a change to the calibration inside the QH.

There must be a configuration problem still. The Hardware must be working and some of TunerPro must also be working since datalogging still works perfectly. It was pretty neat watching ECT while my electric fan cycled on/off. I’m looking for ideas to try from someone who has a similar setup working already. I would be willing to invest time to update the instructions and files on the Moates web site once I know the magic combination. (There’s no indication the source of those directions.)

I would really like to support this project. I had the opportunity to talk to Mark about the plug-in interface, which may be useful for a future project. I like the fact that TunerPro is designed to support many different platforms.

Larry Harris

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