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Discuss Ford tuning topics here. Request definitions, discuss parameters, etc.

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How to use this forum...

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This forum is here for general bin definition inquiries, requests, suggestions, and improvements. Ideally each strategy would have an owner. For instance, Dex might be the A9L definition owner. He would use this forum to gather informatioin about corrections and/or improvements to the exisint A9L definition posted on the main TunerPro site. He would then have the updated A9L definition posted to the TunerPro web site for everyone's benefit.

Post these kinds of things in this forum:

- <Item> in <definition> has incorrect address. Correct address: <address>

- <Item> missing from <definition>. To add it, create a new item with these <data fields>

- Anyone have <definition>?

- Found information on definition data for <strategy> here: <link>

- I'd like to be the owner of <definition or strategy>!

... and so on.

Have fun!

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