TunerPro, QuarterHorse, '96 Mustang Race Car

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TunerPro, QuarterHorse, '96 Mustang Race Car

Post by NSFW » Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:07 am

My friends and I are racing a '96 Mustang in the Lucky Dog series in the Pacific Northwest, and we're looking into TunerPro and a QuarterHorse with a couple of goals in mind:
  • Read the existing fueling and timing tables, to make it easier to eventually switch to an aftermarket engine management system.
  • Disable PATS (the anti-theft system) so that we can start ripping out existing wiring harnesses without worrying about triggering PATS. We've managed to trigger PATS once already, apparently just by adding our own wiring for the fuel pump, and that has us all worried. We don't want to deal with that again.
  • Monitor the engine's knock sensor, just for a clue about whether the current tune is good. The car makes pretty good power, but for all we know it could be knocking left and right.
Can TunerPro and QuarterHorse do these things?

To be honest I don't even know if the car has a knock sensor, I'm just hoping that it does. :)

Also, is anyone using IDA to disassemble the engine management code? I've been involved in this kind of thing with Subaru ECUs and it has been rewarding. If I could get a head start with this Mustang ECU that would be great.


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