Issues (now fixed) when changing from J3 chip to Quaterhorse

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Issues (now fixed) when changing from J3 chip to Quaterhorse

Post by 289Hilux » Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:19 pm

I am using EECIV from a EB 5.0L Falcon ( here in Aus)

I am running a 289 Windsor. I was using a J3 chip with a modified tune, mainly to change the injector firing order and turn of the Smart Lock.

I saved the tune from my chip with Tuner Pro RT, as I have done many times before.

I installed the Quaterhorse in to my ECU, downloaded the Bin etc, then turned on the key the fuel pumps now run continuously, they used to run 3sec then stop until I cranked it.

I have 48psi of fuel pressure but it won�t run, it will almost fire then nothing, each time I turn of the key it will almost fire but will not run.

I checked the plugs, they are dry. I do have spark.

Any Thoughts

I have figured it out:
Trimmed the bin to 57k
Modified the XDF: bin size E000
Base offset 2000 ticked the subtract box
Works a treat, just need to work on a ADX for logging.

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