Note for Users of Different Editors

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Note for Users of Different Editors

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The Ford xdf’s are written for full eec binaries, e.g. 64k for eec-iv and 128k or 256k for eec-v. This means the first 8k of each bin (or each bank in the case of eec-v binaries) is ‘padded’ with null data. To use these xdf’s with other editing software that does not use full binaries you can do the following;

Option One (eec-iv and eec-v) –Strip the padding from the binary file before using it with your software. You can do this using TunerPro’s hex editor (cntl + h). Highlight the first 8k of null data (from each bank in the case of eec-v) and press delete, ensuring the hex editor is in insert mode (pressing the ‘insert’ key toggles between the insert and overwrite modes). You can then use ‘save as’ to create a new bin file without the padding.

Option Two (eec-iv only) – Modify the xdf to work with 56k sized bin files. Open the xdf header editor (cntl + F2) and make the following adjustments; alter the ‘Bin Size’ from 10000 to E000, insert a ‘Base Offset’ of 2000 and tick the ‘Subtract’ box.