Realtime for a new ECU

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Realtime for a new ECU

Post by jcsbanks » Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:22 am

I am wondering where TunerPro, RT version or not, with or without SDK might fit into my workflow for altering ECU RAM maps for which the ECU side already works?

The ECU is a Siemens MS43 on a BMW E46 and I have moved some maps to RAM. A friend has written a program called by a custom command in TunerPro that takes parts of the latest saved bin file and writes them to the ECU. These cars are popular for drifting and more are likely to get turbocharged which my other code mods will facilitate.

What mechanisms are possible within TunerPro reusing existing ideas and code as much as possible?

1. Make a shortcut key to commit all change in unopened maps, save the binary and then call a custom command?

2. Write data to the ECU as cells are changed "live"?

I did not want to apply for SDK access yet as I have no experience in C++, only C and assembler on embedded stuff so was not sure I was skilled enough or eligible. I can knock up a simple Windows app in to talk to ECUs. Also I'm not sure if the project could be commercialised (only if it could be protected) and then how TunerPro can benefit financially as a result.

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