Cannot open settings file

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Cannot open settings file

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Having a problem with Tuner Pro Rt. Version 5.00.9107.00 (General Release) (08/29/17)
When I try to open it I get an error message "cannot open settings file" If I click ok it opens. When I load an xdf file and open any of the tables I get the same error message. I just installed version 5 on my new MSI windows 10 computer with the latest updates. I deleted tuner pro, restarted my computer and reinstalled it and I still get the error messages. I have an older windows laptop running windows 10 that does not have the creators update and Tuner Pro Rt works on it without the error messages. My old laptop is having issues hence the reason for replacing it.Any ideas

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The settings files are written to your documents\tunerpro files\ folder. Perhaps something on your computer is preventing TunerPro from accessing that.

You shouldn't need to, but try running TunerPro as an administratore (right-click on the shortcut, select "run as administrator").
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