Looking for an xdf file for a Smart Roadster.

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Looking for an xdf file for a Smart Roadster.

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Hello everyone and greetings from the Netherlands !

I have a Smart Roadster and in a few days i`m expecting someone to send me several bin files to be able to remap the Ecu of my car.
The reason for this is that i would like to compare said files and see whats really being changed in each and every map and perhaps even make a few small adjustments myself to my favorite file before loading it into the car.
Now using tunerpro seems like a very good idea but sadly my afternoon of searching the living daylights out of google hasn`t helped me find an xdf file.
Now is there anyone who could help me make one or have one that works with a smart car ecu ? Or maybe because it`s a Bosch ecu using another make/model will work ? But wich one ?
Thanks alot in advance for any response you guys can give me and greetings.

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