Supercharging project

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Supercharging project

Post by sierra3dr » Sun May 02, 2010 11:26 am

Hello all,
I'm Paul from the little island :D the UK.

I'm aiming to supercharge a 2.3 DOHC 8v engine controlled by the EEC-IV. As most engines that get the boost treatment,will require ignition an fuel change. Most fellas on forums that I go on,tend to go the megasquirt direction. I had wondered at some stage,what is wrong with mapping the OE ecu. So,from then on,I have shown interest in the battle to indulge with the EEC-IV scalars etc,that I have in my Sierra.
It has become clear to me that alot of hacking is done in the States,and is quite non-existent in the UK. So I'm hoping to build a def file from scratch for the 2BGA EEC-IV that I have.
So,I would appreciate any guidance involved to build a def file. Firstly,I need to purchase the Burn1 I think,or perhaps the Ostrich to alter the bins. I'm at the early stages in getting together what I need


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