Tuning obd 1 ecu for hondas.............

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Pablo, every question you have asked here (that I have seen), has been covered multiple times, you just need to find it. Many times they have been in stickies. We don't spoon feed people here. If you absolutely require spoon feeding, you're not going to like using this program. It requires a certain amount of self discovery and even trial and error. Asking for clarification is one thing, but asking to have your hand held to be shown how to do some of the simple things shows that you don't really have the desire to get your hands dirty and get something done.

There is a rather large difference between Tuner Pro and Nistune, Tuner Pro is a software program, that in it's basic form in theory could be used for any car on the planet. This requires people to develop the necessary files and even hardware to interface with those vehicles. Nistune however, is a ready made software AND hardware package that can only be used in specific Nissan ECMs. It's a nice program, and hardware, and can see why it's priced where it is, and if I used Nissan ECUs in my applications/swaps, I would probably use Nistune products.

Crome has some cool features, if it wasn't for the fact that the software "expires", it would be a great product. I hate the fact that developers put these expirations on software, it shows that they are afraid that people won't buy their next product, or that they are all out of ideas, and need to find some way to get more money, they call it greed. :roll:
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I'm in the middle of the euro civic 8th gen with 2.2 iCDTi engine.
It uses bosch EDC16c31.

Its a pin in the arse as there are multiple software versions.
So need a complete xdf rewrite for every version.

Woudl be nice to see a selection of honda xdf's though.
K20 bins and xdf would be nice.
But I believe US JDM and Euro ecu code all differs.

Good luck.
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Can you help me build a Def file for a OBD2 V6 Honda? :twisted:
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Have you got a true rom image and not bastardised 3rd party code ?
If you have a bin file I can help with the xdf.
But I am not upto speed on petrols.
Is this Renesas ECU bin ?
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Has this XDF effort died? I would like to see it revived and I am willing to help. my knowledge and understanding is limited at this point, but I learn fast. and I am sure I could probably help with grunt work.
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Creating Honda XDFs really is just a matter of someone doing the work to create them. Pretty much all of the information on Honda OBD0 and OBD1 calibration information has been published.
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