TunerPro RT loading strange values from stock .BIN

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TunerPro RT loading strange values from stock .BIN

Post by JasinC19 » Sat Jan 03, 2015 8:40 am

I am new to this, but seeing some odd behavior.

I have GUFB.xdf.

I downloaded A9L.bin from EECAnalyzer.net. When I open this bin in Binary Editor, injector hi/lo slope is an appropriate 19 lb/hr.

When I open the same .bin in TunerPro RT they are reading at 77.65 lb/hr.

Also engine displacement (instead of 302 cid) is reading at 1949.41 cid...

Seems like things are very wacky or I am doing something completely wrong. Can someone please advise?


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